Сахвон, В.В. Плотность гнездования и особенности пространственного распределения сороки (Pica pica) в городе Минске // Труды БГУ. – 2016. – Т. 11., Ч. 2. – С. 286–290.

Abstract. In this study we evaluate nest site habitat preferences of Magpie (Pica pica) in Minsk. The study was carried out in 2015–2016 in a 30 km2 urban area. The absolute census of Magpies was carried out in the most suitable habitats: city blocks, parks and public gardens. Magpies nest in various habitats around the periphery and in the central regions of Minsk. The range of breeding densities of Magpies was 0–1,09 pairs/ha in city blocks (on average 22 pairs/km2), rather greater than densities recorded in parks and public gardens (0–0,9 pairs/ha; on average 15 pairs/km2). We found significance differences in nesting habitat usage. Magpies prefer to nest in the areas adjacent to the entrances of houses (more than half of all nests), whereas the only 16,5 % of nests were in territories of kindergartens, schools and various administrative buildings. Our results indicate that Magpie formed the synurbiс population in Minsk. Extrapolation of the counting data has shown that there are 4000–4600 breeding pairs (in the borders of Minsk Beltway) with the tendency to increasing. The number of Magpie is stable in old urban built-up habitat, but the population gradual increase in new modern city blocks.

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